Welcome to Dress With No Stress

Dress With No Stress

Thank you for visiting Dress With No Stress. This menswear blog aims to spread the importance of dressing with care and precision to strengthen one’s personal image. Everyone should have a capsule wardrobe to develop their individual style.

Establishing Dress With No Stress 

Zane has been interested in menswear ever since getting his first custom made suit. Being a suit aficionado, Zane often expressed his perspective on menswear. Tired of hearing Zane’s persistent outlook on mens fashion, his friends suggested Zane to launch Dress With No Stress.

It is important to have a versatile wardrobe to fit any occasion. Zane often breaks the distinction between formal and casual styles by incorporating both elements. You can spot Zane wearing anything from tailored trousers with a denim jacket, casual chinos with a vintage sportcoat, or a classic three piece suit.

Who is behind Dress With No Stress?

Two university students operate Dress With No Stress: Zhong ‘Zane’ Lim, and ‘Mitch Conner’. Zane studies Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University, and Mitch studies Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. More on that here.

What can you expect from Dress With No Stress?

We hope to provide intriguing, creative, and casual content regarding menswear. Each blog post will be under the following categories:

Think-Piece: To assist you in curating a stylish wardrobe, rethink  aspects of menswear, and develop your personal style.

Ways to Wear: To incorporate a piece of garment in multiple ways. Otherwise, they do not belong in your wardrobe.

Outfit of the Day: To present a unique ensemble that is reflective of my personal style.

Sale Picks: Who doesn’t like to take advantage of a sale?

Profiles: Profiling individuals who work in the fashion industry or just have a superb sense of style, and that reflects my stylistic vision.

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