Brown Flannel Suit

Women’s fashion follow the rule “JWB,” which refers to “when in doubt, just wear black,” However, menswear is slightly different. We still adhere to “JWB,” but instead of black, it’s just wear (navy) blue. Navy blue works considerably well for all skin tones. It’s easy to match and provides a flattering silhouette compared to black garments. Bare in mind that this is heavily applicable to tailored wear but also to casual wear (navy cardigans, navy chinos etc.).

Other variations of “JWB” include charcoal and dark grey. Charcoal and grey garments are safe to have in your wardrobe, as it matches almost everything. If you are worried about its mundane colours, counteract them by adding colours like brown, olive green, and burgundy red to your colour palette.

In this post, I want to focus my favourite colour brown. Old age often associates brown, but the trick is to find the perfect brown. Here is a quick breakdown:

Dark Brown: ages you

Light Brown: too aggressive

Medium: Perfect.


A medium brown works really well with slightly brighter hues, such as a golden brown, rose gold or medium yellow. Patch pockets are usually reserved for more casual garments, like sportcoats. Nonetheless they work well with suits too, especially if it is a textured fabric with a rich undertone hue.


This suit can be broken down, and be worn as separates. Trousers can match a denim/trucker/quilted jacket, or a jacket with an oxford shirt and jeans.


If you are still not convince in incorporating brown hues into your wardrobe, I recommend starting with something smaller like seasonal brown trousers (corduroys, flannels etc) or a brown sportcoat. They can be worn casually and serve to make you look your best on Thursday bar nights or Sunday brunches.


Finding the perfect brown that compliments your skin tone may be time consuming, but it is worth it. Just remember, dark brown works best for younger individuals (as it ages you slightly), light brown for dandier people (a little more aggressive) and medium brown for versatility. I hope this encourages you to get down with brown.

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