Docker’s 30th Anniversary Collection

As the title suggests, February 2016 marks Docker’s 30th anniversary.

Over the last few years Dockers has drastically evolved their collection. Before, they were mainly recognized for khaki trousers. However, as of late, you can spot sweaters, lightweight jackets and even henley’s in their seasonal collections. Although I do not own many Docker pieces, I have always been a fan. Following its parent’s company, Levis, footsteps, Dockers generally offers staple items at extremely justified prices.

To celebrate their 30th birthday Dockers released a S/S collection that is all in one common colour. You guessed it – khaki.

I love utilizing khaki coloured garments for the warmer months as its lighter shade adds a subtle colouring and depth to your ensemble. At the same time, if paired correctly, it can be doubled as a neutral.

Their collection includes a variety of garments, from shoes, bags, sweaters to coats. Some I agree with, others I don’t. Here are some of the items that I think they really nailed (with the khaki theme) and why it can be a potential wardrobe investment.

To-Go-To Jacket



Inspired by the M-65, this jacket has a spread collar (no concealed hoodie unfortunately), waistline drawstring, shoulder epaulet feature and has LOTS of pockets. This jacket will serve as your perfect summer to-go-to jacket that can be worn over a henley shirt and jeans or utilize it for effective laying during the colder transitional months.




(CC: Dockers)

You literally cannot go wrong with a pair of neutral coloured trousers. You can wear it with anything, except maybe with a shirt of the exact same coloured as pictured. Of course unless you are thinking of camouflaging in the sand.




(CC: Dockers)

The perfect sweater in for the Spring/Fall colder nights, paired here with a bow tie to exemplify the versatility. It is also in a favourable oatmeal colour that is complimentary to any skin tone.


Trench Coat


(CC: Dockers)

Everyone needs a durable, stylish and well fitting trench coat. This trench coat has standardize military inspired features, shoulder epaulets and, my personal favourite, a waistline belt. The waistline belt helps to provide a slimmer silhouette by accentuating the waistline. I love a trench coat as it possesses a longer usable duration (Fall/Spring/Transitional months) and is a lot less structured/formal than overcoats. Lastly the cotton is prone to wrinkling, which adds character and depth after prolong wear.



(CC: Dockers)

This shawl cardigan‘s purpose is very similar to the sweater featured above. It is in the perfect oatmeal colour and it’s shawl collar adds more dimensions and visual appeal to your ensemble. I am just personally not a fan of it’s smaller collar width and its higher buttoning point. However, if I would have to choose between this or the sweater, the cardigan would be the obvious choice. It’s simpler to match and if it gets too hot you can remove it with ease.

Bomber Jacket


(CC: Dockers)


The whole khaki coloured look with this bomber jacket is a little too much for me. But the attempt of utilitizing it to dress down the outfit is evident. I love how Dockers paired it with the cable knit sweater and bow tie. The bomber jacket retains the formality of the ensemble but yet reframes it from being too dressy (as a sports coat or suit jacket will). This makes it perfect for those who likes to dress in-between the formal and informal lines.

I believe that most of collection is currently on sale. If you are Canadian, The Bay carries the entire collection on sale. Please bare in mind that this is NOT a sponsored post. I am merely sharing my take on Docker’s 30th Anniversary collection as I feel that they really upstaged themselves with this.