Winter Sartorial Reflection

As the sun is shining brighter than ever and temperatures rising over 20 degrees (finally), it’s time to make the transition back to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. While hanging my Fall/Winter pieces away, I found myself reflecting upon two particular jackets.

In preparation for the harsh Toronto winters, I had the these two jackets made in October 2015. They are both flannel fabrics with a herringbone pattern. The tan jacket had a slightly more luxurious feel as it contains a tinge of cashmere.




The blue jacket is semi structured – no shoulder padding and a half chest canvas. It also features cream tortoise shell buttons and a substantially lower button stance for a sports coat. On the other hand, the tan jacket is more structured – shoulder padding and roped shoulders. I initially anticipated to wear the tan jacket more and decided to make a pair of matching trousers as well. Considering the lack of formality from the suit’s shade, I attempted to change the dynamics of the suit by adding peak lapels and patch pockets onto the jacket.



Although they were both difficult, the blue jacket was considerably easier to wear. As you would expect, a pair of dark denim compliments the jacket blue nicely. It retains the shades of blue and neutralizes the jacket’s lightness appropriately. I just had to ensure that the top was darker than the jacket and I was ready to leave the house. I often found myself grabbing a grey turtleneck or a dark blue OCBD to complete the outfit.

This sports coat has become my unofficial F/W go-to jacket. The semi-structure makes it incredibly light in weight and effortless to wear over layers.



After looking at the finish product, I wish I struck with notch lapels on the tan jacket as I found it to be incredibly hard to pair. The peak lapels did not combine well with the fabric’s colour and the structured shoulders made the jacket look too formal to be worn casually. As a result, I found myself wearing the trousers more often. I did try various experimental combinations with the jacket but failed to find one that was comfortable enough for me. I guess there’s still next year!

With the impractically of wearing it as a full suit, I found that the combination of brown flannel trousers, jeans (of course) or dark grey corduroy trousers works most favorable with the jacket.


This tan jacket is the perfect example of a “photo-garment”. Meaning, it looks extremely appealing in photos (can’t deny the beauty of the rich golden brown colour and the herringbone weave) but quite ostentatious in real life.

It’s a beautiful fabric but considering the limited wears I accumulated on it, I wish I stuck with notch lapels or just made the trousers separately.

Especially for suits, I try to make the best use out of every garment purchase. Thus I am a little disappointed that this tan jacket wasn’t as versatile as I had expected. Oh well, we live and learn.


Anyhow, the weather is currently too hot and humid for these jackets. It’s time to hang them up and pull out my favourite fabric: linen. When the temperatures start falling in late September, I will start revising on better ways/combinations to utilize these jackets better (especially for the tan).

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