Evening Wear: Dinner Jacket

One of the few things that really got me interested into tailoring was evening wear, in particular the dinner jacket. There was just something so majestic and sophisticated about it that piqued my interest. To me, a tuxedo/dinner jacket for a male is what THE “Elegant Dress” is for women. The dinner jacket is essentially a term use to describe a standalone tuxedo jacket. It favours using unconventional suit fabrics with a brighter sheen – such as velvet, formal colours – think white/black/midnight blue and often features a satin or grosgrain lapel. It also normally consists of either a shawl or peak lapel.

Mainly due to its ‘shininess’ and traditional purposes, the dinner jacket/tuxedo is mainly reserved for Black Tie or what we know today as extremely formal events.

Realistically, at this day and age, we rarely have the opportunity to don a tuxedo/dinner jacket. And even if we did, modern day dress codes are too unmoderated, making a black suit sufficient.

I, a university student, do not foresee myself attending a Black Tie event for at least the next 6 months. But I am still obsessed with evening wear and dinner jackets. Thus, being an advocate for casual tailoring, I have been deliberating how to utilize my midnight blue dinner jacket to its full potential.


Pictured: My Midnight-Blue One Button Shawl Lapel Dinner Jacket

I know many classical menswear enthusiasts will be reading this and thinking, “what is this Asian guy rambling on about? A dinner jacket should only be confined to the realms of formality!” Even though I do, somewhat, agree to that, I am contemplating casual pairings to stretch out and maximize the utility of my dinner jacket.

Despite it being one of the few jackets I brought to Singapore with me, I haven’t had much opportunity to wear the dinner jacket. I feel that for a casual-esque ensemble it works best with black. I have been wearing it a lot with this black linen t-shirt, a pair of black Levis jeans and some good old velvet slippers.

I feel like I will come back to this post once I have made more progress for its utilization in the casual sphere.

In the meantime, what do you think? Should a dinner jacket be solely reserved for formal occasions? Or it COULD potentially be integrated in casual settings if, and only if, its done right. And if so, how would you pair it?

Thanks for reading,


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