How I Accessorize

They say accessories, on the wrist and neck in particular, is an extension of one’s personal style. I never taken a liking towards accessorizing. I think it’s because I personally never understood why I should have more than one bracelet on either side of my wrist and lack the knowledge/ability to effortlessly pull it off.

For me, unlike my suit patterns/colours, I generally like to keep my accessories minimal. Let’s start with the jacket’s pocket square. I have quite a few pocket squares but I usually only rotate between 6 different ones – 3 for the summer and 3 for the winter. This is centred around the idea of understanding what colours/patterns works best for you; or simply put – comfort and versatility.


I am an extremely sentimental person, especially when it involves something tangible. This watch is a Longines diver that was passed down from my father for my most recent birthday. It’s a little bulky, as most diver watches are, and thus tend to wear this with more casual ensembles. For formality, I would opt to don a slimmer watch with a leather band instead. However, more often than not, I would be alternating between this or a Timex Weekender.

The ring on my second finger, along with a sterling silver rosemary, was given to me by my sister before my departure to Toronto. With the exception of exercising, I wear this ring everywhere. The last accessory I always wear is a beige jade bracelet (not pictured) that was recently given to me by my brother. I have been wearing it everyday and it just so happens to compliments my wardrobe perfectly.

It’s a little uncanny but by accessorizing it with such memorable pieces, I always feel that I am carrying a part of my family and embodying their values.

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