2nd Brown Suit: Coffee

In my first post in DWNS I briefly talked about my favouritism for brown, medium brown specifically. I think the phrase “no brown in town” is extremely dated. I believe that brown can be incorporated very well in every man’s wardrobe, whether it be a brown suit or brown corduroy/moleskin trousers

I have two brown suits, the flannel one as previously featured and a coffee brown (slightly darker in shade). I quite like this coffee brown fabric. Its a twill that possesses a reflective golden sheen at certain angles and lightings. I am thinking of expanding my brown collection and welcome the ever popular tobacco (more on the lighter shade of brown) to my wardrobe. Maybe in a linen or at least a linen blend to reserve its utility for the warmer months. But more on that soon, back to the coffee brown.


I find myself often wearing this fabric as separates, particularly the jacket. I like wearing the jacket and contrast it with different colours.


I don’t get much wear out of the trousers for several reasons, this was one of my first few suits, hence a tremendously slimmer (read: way to slim) cut and a mid-rise trouser. As I always mention, my greatest pet peeve in menswear is seeing shirt fabric when the suit jacket is button. A higher-rise prevents that while a mid-rise does not… Unless the jacket’s button stance is substantially lower or it’s a double breasted jacket.


The trousers are also too dark. Usually it’s easier to pair a darker trousers than a lighter trouser. However, because of it’s brown shade, it fails to sustain enough formality that a charcoal/grey/navy trouser provides.


On the other hand, the jacket and vest are easy to pair. The jacket pairs well with lighter coloured trousers, like the white as seen above, and patterned trousers, the charcoal grey windowpane. It also has patch pockets, which I LOVE. As I always preach, patch pockets are the epitome of functionality and flexibility. When worn as a standalone piece, a dark brown jacket as such allows the user to pair with different colours and experiment with multiple combinations.


I rarely wear a 2 piece to begin with but I don’t think I have ever wore this as a full piece. I feel that such a brown packs a punch and thus would not be appropriate for interview purposes or very corporate settings. Under such circumstances, you would be safer with a grey, navy or charcoal suit.


If you are hesitant with going for a dark brown suit, I suggest opting for a just a jacket in a mid weight wool first. If you discover that it compliments your style accordingly then expand into seasonal brown fabrics, such as a brown flannel or tobacco linen (blend).

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