Tips Before Pulling The Trigger On That Off Colour Suit

Often popularized by Instagrammers, colourful and/or aggressively patterned suits are fun to look at. But they often lack practicality and function. I mean how often does an occasion welcome a pink jacket? An individual wearing such would just be classified as “too much” as opposed to “well-dressed”. Of course if you are one one of the few men to often babble in colourful clothing and not shy away from it, I would say keep at it. Because it really takes TRUE confidence to pull it off effortlessly.

I always believe that it is important to centre and build a man’s wardrobe around functionality and versatility. Thus acquiring a colourful and a aggressive pattern fabric should be reserved for the last.

However, if you are still dead set on having a colourful suit in your rotation (which I totally understand – they are just so good to look at…), here’s some tips I recommend looking out for to extend its milage.

  1. Pick something the the definitive end of the spectrum, i.e. really dark earth tones such as an olive or really light such as a light blue/ oatmeal.
  2. Pick a seasonal fabric, linen or flannel.
  3. Opt for a double breasted jacket option. This makes it easier for the jacket to be worn as a standalone piece, especially if the jacket is on the lighter shade.
  4. Have the jacket be cut a little slimmer and the trouser hem a little shorter. This gives you leeway to style the suit in more contemporary measures, which is often required with a louder fabric.
  5. Be able to picture yourself wearing it confidently. If you envision that the attention will make you uncomfortable, then don’t do it. People can notice when you are experiencing discomfort in your clothes, and clothing should serve its form and function role where you feel great both physically and mentally.

My advice is not to pull the trigger on it just yet despite its temptation. But if you really desire, at least consider these options first before emptying your wallet.

One thought on “Tips Before Pulling The Trigger On That Off Colour Suit

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