Olive Linen Suit: 3 Ways

Remember when I mentioned tips for the off colour suit?

Here’s an example of how an olive (loud colour darker spectrum) linen (seasonal fabric) suit with a double breasted (as recommended) jacket can be worn in three different ways. This post hopefully reveals how to fully extend the usage of an off colour suit.

Full Suit w/ Sneakers

I am not a particularly a fan of the suit and sneakers look. But sneakers does come in handy if an individual is seeking footwear comfortability or a casual-esque vibe. The sneaker + suit combination also helps to apply contemporary measures to your suit.



In order for this to work your sneaker needs to have a slim silhouette, one that resembles closely to a dress shoe, and your trousers to be a little bit cropped to create that streamline silhouette. I am wearing a pair of (also) olive New Balance 620 sneakers, but Stan Smiths or the holy grail Common Projects would work perfectly.



White Trousers

Nothing spells Sprezzatura as clear as a pair of white trousers. Although a little vibrant and, sometimes, audacious the white trouser is incredibly easy to pair with off colour jackets.


The white acts as the perfect neutralizer, anchoring the jacket’s colour tone. For me I love wearing white trousers in the summer and cream in the winter. I find it quite effortlessly to match. But, with that said, such coloured trousers requires a certain level of confidence that often comes with the slow evolution of one’s style.



If you are wearing a pair of white trousers with your off colour jacket, be sure to keep the shirt a neutral colour – white or light blue (light blue in this case). Usually a light blue shirt will appear a tiny bit less formal as opposed to the white.


Practical Casual

The last one is all about comfortability and neutrals. I am wearing a pair of dark grey trousers and a navy polo shirt that almost every guy possesses. This is easy to wear, if it gets hot – remove the jacket and there would still the sense of tailoring in you. If not, button the jacket and retains its intended use of the jacket.



3 ways to wear your off colour suit. Again this is not a post to get you to buy one. But if you already have one in your wardrobe and scratching your head as to how you can utilize it more, then hopefully these looks served as some sort of inspiration.

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