What To Wear For A Long Flight

I don’t travel all too often, maybe once to thrice a year. However, out of the trips, I am at least expected to make a trip back home (Singapore) from Toronto. I love visiting Singapore but goodness gracious, it’s one hell long of a flight… 20 hours to be exact.

I usually do not give much thought to my flight attire and adopt a “who cares?” mentality. This often results in a combination of sweatpants and an oversized sweater. However, on recent trip back to Singapore, I had a afternoon lunch meeting scheduled right after I land. Now I had to be conscious of my attire. Either I packed a change a clothes or start thinking of a way to dress that comfortably accommodates a 20 hour flight AND transits presentably for my meeting. After toying with the thought of lunging unnecessary items on my hand carry I decided to get my head thinking.

I had to centre my attire around the concept of being comfortable and presentable. It wasn’t a very formal meeting, but I knew it was serious enough that a tailored jacket would be required.

Let’s start from the bottom up.


Shoes: I wanted to wear something that I could easily slip on and off to maximize comfort on the plane. I can easily slip the shoes off when I am sleeping or watching a movie and easily slide my feet back into it as I am about to head to the bathroom. I went with my most worn loafers, a brown woven leather tassel from Allen Edmonds. This is indefinitely my most worn shoe and is one of the three shoes I brought on the trip (the other two were an olive New Balance sneaker and a burgundy Weejun penny loafer). Loafers are also more formal than sneakers, making it the perfect choice for flight wear in the dress shoe spectrum.

Trousers: I recommend all travellers this, the cargo trouser. The x2 extra pockets on the sides serve wonders. You can use one for your passport and the other for your wallet/card holder. That way, you don’t have to worry too much about leaving your passport being stacked up the hand carry compartment or uncomfortably leave it in your front pocket. Be sure your cargo trousers are a little slimmer as the pockets may potentially add unnecessary bulk to your trousers silhouette.

Jacket and under layer: The plane can get a little chilly mid air, that’s why it is important to wear a jacket that you can easily remove and a relatively thicker sweater that provides sufficient warmth. For the jacket, I went with my denim blazer. It has patch pockets, which are great for utility and storing items, and is made to be worn, crumbled and sustain hours of mobility to create ‘characteristic’ fades – perfect circumstances of a 20 hour flight. For the sweater I went with a thicker knitted linen sweater, it’s perfect because it isn’t too warm nor cold for occasions like this. The only tricky thing about this sweater is actually finding another appropriate setting to wear it for as the sweater fails to provide warmth in a windy climate and breathability in a humid setting. Considering a plane’s relatively dryer and colder atmosphere, this linen sweater worked perfectly. Although it’s a thick knit, this linen sweater is quite tailored – making me retain a slim silhouette when the jacket’s removed.

For all those wondering, this beige linen sweater was acquired from Club Monaco.

Despite not washing my hair or my face, I still got to the meeting looking like a million bucks. I personally felt so comfortable travelling with an ample amount of pocket slots from the cargo trousers and the breathability from the linen sweater. These pieces have become my travel staples and will always come to my mind whenever I think of flight comfortability.

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