Difference Between Style & Fashion?


Everyone knows that fashion does not equate style but what is it exactly that makes these two terms different? Interestingly I came across this the other day “style is the characteristics or distinctive way a product (individual) looks” while “fashion is the currently accepted or popular style”. In other words, fashion reflects the inherently short timespan of trends while style displays the eternal traits of an individual.

Recently, I find myself being not offended but taken aback by “you are so fashionable!” comments. I think to myself “I am not fashionable, I don’t read up or even appreciate trends”. Considering my love for classical menswear, my style resonates with the idea of timelessness and versatility. The clothes I wear are hardly indicative of a trend or a particular individual. I am much more appreciative when someone tells me “nice jacket, that’s so you” as it defines you by exuding your individuality, that to me is style.

Now I am not implying that if you pick up on a trend, you are lacking in style. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with following trends, heck that’s even how I get some of my inspiration sometimes! But don’t be a full fetched trend follower, viewing every runway show or purchasing an item because a celebrity was seen with it. That doesn’t breed or exercise creativity, it just promotes herd mentality. Clothes have a great way of communicating a message without you speaking and by picking up on every trend, the message becomes clear for you: a conformer who lacks originality.

I urge you to be yourself, make mistakes, learn from it and eventually find your style. Because once you find your style, you will be able to establish your own identity through the usage of clothing/dressing.

One thought on “Difference Between Style & Fashion?

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