When & How To Wear Black (What To Wear To The Club)

In menswear, black is often frowned upon. It is mainly due to the colour’s connotation for formality or funerals, two F words that we tend to avoid.

More importantly, black is rarely suitable as there are just better existing substitutes for it.

  • Black jeans for casual wear? Nah, dark indigo denim are more versatile and flattering.
  • Black shoes for formal events? Nah, you have oxblood/cordovan coloured shoes or even velvet slippers.
  • Black blazer? Come on, seriously…

So this begs the question of when can you wear black and how are you going to pair it? Well, even though I am not a huge fan of black nor do I own much black pieces, I feel that black is best suited for the night out.


Turtleneck – Muji /// Watch – Orient Bambino /// Jeans – Levis 511 /// Black Chelseas – Winners /// Unstructured Dinner Jacket – IndoChino

I don’t usually go out clubbing or drinking at a pub. The introverted me usually prefers to stay home, read, write or play video games. But, occasionally, I do feel obligated to go out for social events and black is always my go-to option.

Black is perfect for such settings as there’s an expectation of looking smart in a formal aspect. I recommend going monochrome with a different coloured jacket. This is a great time to tap into your formal wardrobe and break out one of your jackets, maybe even your dinner jacket if you have one. Note: don’t pick out one of your favourites because regardless of how much you a drink, a spill (from you or another person) is bound to occur.


I talked about using dinner jackets for more casual settings before. Using my dinner jacket for clubbing has been one of the best ideas I ever had. Did I also mentioned that this jacket is a great conversational starter in the club? It often starts with a simple compliment of “nice jacket” and the ball starts rolling from there.

Wearing a jacket also helps you stand out from a sea of guys wearing ill-fitting shirts or shiny blazers that is clearly part of their everyday suit. Looks is not everything but if dressing nice helps you to grab some attention from the ladies, I don’t see why you shouldn’t put your best foot forward.


Having a rather extensive wardrobe for an average male university student, I reserve the use of these black pieces for only night outs. Black jeans, black turtleneck (black linen shirt in the Summer), black Chelsea boots and a midnight blue shawl collar jacket. This can get repetitive if you go out EVERY weekend or even bi-weekly. If so, it might be a great time to invest in more dinner jackets 🙂

Not everyone has a dinner jacket, if you don’t own one but would still like to wear a jacket, I recommend going for a black leather jacket or dark blue denim jacket. This will still allow you to retain the unspoken formality of club attire and look like the sharpest man in the room/dance floor.


Reserve your black pieces for places/events that occur after dark. If you are thinking of wearing black to the club, just go full monochrome with a different coloured jacket and watch how you captivate the room.

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