Cream Cotton Trousers

In a recent post, I briefly talked about how a trouser should fit. The main takeaways for nailing the fit, focus on the 1) rise, 2) length and 3) slimness. After you found a brand that fits you accordingly, another question arises. What colour, especially in this informal/business casual society, should I get?

There’s been a lot of talk about colour combination lately. In regards to trousers, it’s generally harder to pair a brighter coloured/patterned trouser than a jacket. A trouser that is too loud tends to attract too much attention and rarely matches well with a jacket. You generally want your trousers to anchor down your jacket as opposed to the other way around.

So, you are probably wondering, what are some great trouser colours? You are typically safe with neutrals – charcoal, navy and grey. But the problem with these colours, especially navy, is that they are sometimes  hard to pair as they retain their formal connotation and might look strange when paired with the wrong jacket.

One extremely underrated colour to consider is cream. Cream is a surprisingly easy colour to pair, complimentarily to all skin tones and allows you to add colour to your outfit that isn’t too ostentatious.


Bespoke Cream Trousers by Dylan & Son

The goal is to pick the ‘right’ cream colour, anything too light looks like white and anything darker looks like a yellowish-white.


Another thing to look out for is the fabric’s material. With such a colour, you should generally seek a seasonal fabric, F/W: Corduroy or Flannel, S/S: Cotton or Linen.


Cream trousers are perfect for those guys who work in a business casual environment or guys would just like to add some colour into their wardrobes. They are very easy to pair (just stick with a darker jacket), creates an appropriate contrast, adds a nice touch of colour and versatile with most existing wardrobes.

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