How To Wear A Burgundy Suit

Although gaining popularity, Burgundy, not to be confused with bright red but dark red rather, is not typically a common colour in tailoring.

A burgundy suit has nearly no use for office wear. However, it does make a great substitute for the limited colours of evening wear, namely midnight blue or black, or as casual separates.


Burgundy Suit: Indochino | Burgundy Loafers: Weejuns | Black Turtleneck: Muji | Watch: Orient | Olive M-65 Jacket: Gap

In regards to it’s evening wear purpose, you are usually safer with just getting a burgundy jacket as opposed to the entire suit. One I highly recommend is by Black Lapel, it’s slick and sharp. You could opt to get the trousers as well, but it wouldn’t be worth the investment due to the lack of opportunities to wear a burgundy tuxedo trouser as separates or a standalone piece.


We established that a merit to owning a burgundy suit is to use it as separates. The goal is, as always, in finding the right shade of red. With burgundy, it’s safer to steer towards the darker spectrum as anything too bright will appear too outlandish.


If you are hesitant about burgundy’s formal connotation, seek for one in a seasonal fabric. The one pictured here is a mid-weight flannel. Having a darker shade, I recommend picking a F/W fabric, as one in a lighter weight fabric, linen for example, would look too peculiar. This stems from the foundation that brighter colour fabrics are more suitable for the warmer months.


Burgundy is surprisingly easy to pair. It works well with olive, black and navy – colours that almost every man already possess. Pictured here with a black merino wool turtleneck (that I mostly only wear for a night out), green M-65 military jacket, pair of burgundy penny loafers and sock less on a warm Fall day in Toronto.


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