Wearing Blues On A Monday

I am aware that I have been posting a lot of “OOTD” posts recently. I think outfit posts are great/fun (for me), rather intuitive and somewhat inspiring. But outfit posts generally lack solid content, which I consistently hope to provide. This is mainly due to the fact that School, and part of my personal life, has been quite chaotic recently. Once it has subsides, you have my word that I will be back on schedule in updating this webpage regularly.

Mondays are usually the busiest days for me. I start at 10am and finish at 10pm with a two hour break in-between. Today, in particular, I had a meeting during the two hour break. This meeting required a business casual ensemble. Thankfully, I have met this person numerous times and my dressing could be a little bit more lenient.


Much like it is forecasted for the entire week, it’s a warm and sunny Fall day. I took advantage of the sun and decided to center my ensemble around no-show-socks with a mid-weight trouser.

The trouser I picked, which is one that I have been consistently raving about, is my bespoke Loro Piana denim trouser made by Dylan and Son. Despite being a cotton and linen blend, it is a heavy Summer trouser with a dense weave, making it perfect for warmer Fall days – like today. I usually opt to go for denser Summer fabrics as it flatters my (skinny) legs well.


Because I personally know this individual, I know I could get away without a tie. However, because I am going tieless, a white shirt, as opposed to its more casual light blue shirt counterpart, would be more appropriate/formal.

Because the trousers are blue, not navy, I decided to anchor it down by using a navy jacket. In this case, a charcoal jacket will also just work as well. However, I opt for this navy jacket as it has been a while since I last worn it. This custom jacket, from Black Lapel, has wide lapels, strong shoulders, a slim fit and an elongated button stance – these attributes make it more formal.


Lastly, the shoes. I established that I was going sockless, thus a pair of loafers was appropriate. The only question is, which one? The jacket and shirt is more formal, whilst the trousers are at a neutral point. The shoes can afford to be a casual pair and thus the burgundy tassel loafers were chosen.


Once it’s all together, the outfit looks business casual appropriate and contains the (Monday) blue hue. Have a great week everyone.

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