Another Monday Blues Edition

I am not too sure how the term “Monday Blues” came about. Much like you, I hate Mondays. In order to tackle the dreadful start of the week, I make a conscious effort to situate my ensemble around blues hues every Monday. Besides making you appear visually appealing, clothes also make you feel psychologically well. Which is why I always recommend wearing garments that feels “right” to you, and is aligned with what YOU want to wear as opposed to what society/trends/even bloggers (contradictory I know) propose. Never underestimate the ability of how clothes can make you feel.

Going back to this Monday Blue’s outfit, I used one single colour – blue. I am an advocate for monochromatic dressing, but, sometimes, such a maneuver can be stale or boring. If you are feeling this way, I recommend opting for different shades of your chosen monochromatic colour, such as green, blue or even brown – albeit this is impossible for black.


When it comes to dressing, always pick one piece you want to wear and work around it. I picked these light washed jeans first. Keeping a cohesive blue ensemble in mind, choosing the rest of the other pieces were fairly easy. My goal, was to have two similar blue tones – the turtleneck and shoes in this case.

This blue turtleneck was from last years Gap x GQ David Hart’s collection. It’s a very strong blue, which makes it harder to pair. But, the saving grace is that it’s shade makes it inherently casual. There’s always a lot more leeway to pair louder casual items as opposed to louder formal pieces (like a loud plaid sports coat or topcoat).

The blue captoes from Johnston & Murphy, was given to me as a gift and rarely gets worn. It’s formality construction, goodyear welted and captoe brouging, together with its brighter colour, makes it barely appropriate for most occasions. Which is why I took advantage of the opportunity today to wear it.


The last pick is the jacket, this blackwatch quilted jacket is one of my most worn, and favourite, casual jackets. The blackwatch’s hue (green/blue) is not overly saturated, making it less aggressive and considerably easy to pair. In hindsight, I would have preferred to go with a navy jacket, like an M-65 or a cardigan, but cold windy spell called for something thicker. Thus, this jacket was picked.

The overall look appears rather cohesive. Although, I do recognize that this might still be a little loud for some. To rectify that, I would recommend switching out the blue turtleneck for a navy one and the shoes for a pair of black wingtips or navy sneakers. The footwear, especially if you opt for a more formal pair, doesn’t have to be blue or even navy as, realistically, such a pair is redundant in one’s closet and should only be acquired if you have a vast number of shoes.


The monochromatic look usually works better with browns and greens, as there are more footwear options for those colours. If you are adamant about going blue, just aim for different shades between the pieces with at least two shades being similar, a different colour footwear that contracts your leg wear enough and you will be fine.


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