How To Pair Grey & Navy (Winter Edition)

The premise of this post is fairly obvious, pairing Grey and Navy. These two colours are obvious choice for your F/W wardrobe. They go well with most other colours as, individually, are both neutrals. However, pairing both together might be a little tricky or even boring for some.

As I always advocate, when pairing two neutral colours together, use different shades of it to create a contrast. You will notice that the houndstooth waistcoat and the polka dot knitted tie is lighter than their parent colour, respectively blue and grey.


I started this ensemble by picking the jacket. This jacket is from Uniqlo. As you might be familiar, they recently opened their first shop in Toronto Canada. This Tweed jacket is composed of a 70% wool and 30% poly. What I really like about this jacket is its relatively lighter weight, longer sleeves (its impossible to find anything off the rack that matches my long arms) and its lack of structure. The jacket has no shoulder padding, which makes it so easy to wear and comfortable to be layered over. I love unstructured jackets and it shouldn’t only be reserved for the warmer months.


Next I did was to pick the tie. I was going to use this light grey knitted tie from SprezzaBox’s November box to create a nice contrast. With a tie, a button up shirt was necessary. Because I already had the intention of pairing it with navy, I picked a light blue shirt instead of a white. A light blue shirt is less formal than a white, making it perfect to go with the unstructured jacket.


Next these navy flannel trousers from Club Monaco was picked. Subsequently, considering the inherent casualness of the ensemble – knitted tie and unstructured jacket, a pair of brown leather Chukkas from Johnson and Murphy and SprezzaBox’s November Box socks were chosen.


However, after putting it all together, the ensemble felt a little wrong. The trousers are RTW, which signified a lower rise that threw my proportions off. Because I do not possess a higher rise navy flannel trousers, I decided to protect my visual proportions by utilizing a vest. I have a blue tweed houndstooth waistcoat and a grey flannel. The grey was substantially darker and would make the outfit more formal, which wasn’t my intention. Thus the blue houndstooth was worn.


Pairing neutrals together is always fairly straightforward. But if you want a change or add a nice contrast, use different shades of the neutral.

Side note: As a blogger, you will often receive collaborative work from brands for promotion sake. Even though most of these brands offer free stuff, I find it important and imperative to be selective, and remain unaffected by the idea of “free” goods. However, I have been doing a partnership, the only one I have ever done actually, with SprezzaBox since January 2016.

They are a great company. It’s a subscription service based company that charges only $25 a month and offers men accessories, which often includes socks, ties and grooming essentials, of a guaranteed retail value of above $100. Additionally, they often partner with smaller brands, which is also a great way for smaller brands to receive recognition.

I have a promotion code if you are interested. It’s “TheZanification” and it gets you a nice % off your first box. I am aware that this part sounds like advertisement, but they are not paying me to write this up on the blog nor does my partnership include a blog post. I just really like what they do.


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