Jord Is The Word

Jord Watches sells, well, watches. But their watches are unique as they are all made from different kinds of wood. Now, that intrigued me. After much deliberation, I decided to partner with Jord for a giveaway, more on that at the end of this post.

Jord produces both men and women watches. Their designs are contemporary and their collection is available in a variety of movements, from quartz to automatic.

The watch I chosen from them is called the Dover Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. As most of you are familiar, I have a limited amount of watches and, most of which, are formal. I have been looking for a casual watch for quite awhile and the Dover Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood was the perfect choice to fill that void.


This watch is an automatic movement, one that I often recommend to avoid the hassle of changing batteries. Its a two toned watch, compromising of a medium and darker brown. When I first received the watch, I was utterly taken back but how well the packaging was. It comes in a wooden box that nicely protects the watch and comes with extra wooden panels (to add to the circumference of the watch if need be).

In regards to the fit, the watch fits superbly. The watches come in a variety of sizes. But if you are between sizes, Jord has a phenomenal service available that allows you to have the watch made according to your wrist for a small extra cost.

The wood composition makes the watch very casual by nature. However, considering how I love to blend casual and formal wear together, I put together three looks to reveal how versatile a wood watch can be in a man’s wardrobe.

Country Vibes:

Pairing the Dover with a charcoal turtleneck, layered with a buffalo check flannel CPO, raw denim, olive sneakers and a Barbour jacket.



The Barbour jacket was the icing on the cake for this look. The wood watch pairs so well with the jacket that you could even switch out the flannel CPO for an unstructured blazer and still have the outfit remain cohesive.


Tailored Wear:

The watch works well with tailored wear too. You just have to fine the right hues, namely brown and grey, and seasonal fabrics – flannel, tweed etc.



I wanted to embrace the watches’s casualness and thus opt to unbutton the shirt’s top three buttons. This is not something I usually do, but I added a white scoop neck to ensure that not too much chest is showing.



These brown herringbone trousers, part of a suit, along with this unstructured grey herringbone tweed jacket, compliments the watch all too well. The power of earthly tones paired together is inevitable.

Denim Jacket & Sweater:

Jord’s watches matches well with casual garments, which are, thankfully, items that every man already possesses – like a denim jacket and a sweater in this case.



Notice that I am utilizing the same chambray shirt in look 2. Remember that versatility is important, you don’t want to purchase a garment that is only suitable for solely a certain type of look.



I topped off the ensemble by pairing a brown glen plaid trouser that is also part of a suede, and a chocolate brown suede long wingtips.



Jord’s watches, theΒ Dover Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood in particular, is surprisingly versatile, a stunning eye catcher and the “oak scent” from the wood smells marvellous. Additionally, Jord is doing a giveaway, where you stand a chance to win a free watch. And yes, any watch, no price or model exclusion. Also, if you enter, you will automatically receive a $25 discount code! In the end, we are all winners πŸ™‚

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