Broke My SuitSupply Virginity With The Madison

Throughout my menswear journey, I have always been told about SuitSupply. It’s a dutch company that sells mens clothing, primarily focusing on tailored wear, for an exceedingly good quality to price value.

I been thinking of pulling the SuitSupply trigger for the last 18 months or so. However, whenever I looked at their detailed size chart, I knew that I could never fit it without substantial alterations. I held off till recently, where they offered their newly implemented Madison unlined model for $429 CAD.

I have always been seeking for a navy double breasted jacket and the Madison, is arguably their most popular model. This is due to it’s theatric wide peak lapels, double breasted closure and functional patch pockets.

Furthermore, this unlined model features, well, an unlined jacket and no shoulder padding. It was essentially a true unstructured double breasted jacket.


When I ordered it online, it arrived 3 days later in a TALL box that shocked me. In the box, the jacket was standing up straight; and that really impressed me. The shipping must have been so inconvenient… But it enables the jacket to remain rather unwrinkled.

Let’s talk about the fit. I ordered the 38L and the measurements were rather accurate. People have mentioned that SuitSupply fits rather slim. I am probably the worst model for this as I have a 9 inch drop. But from my experience with other Ready-To-Wear jackets, the Madison model is slightly slimmer, by an inch or so. Regardless, the measurements listed on the website was very accurate.

The features of the jacket is what surprised me. The jacket was incredibly light in weight, appeared rather structured even without a shoulder padding and the Spalla Camicia (pleated shoulder) was beautiful.


I still have to send the jacket to my tailor to take in the body and lengthen the sleeves. Probably get around to it after the exam period. Once that is finalized, I should be able to upload more photos of me in it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the fit or anything Madison related, give me a shout!

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