Facing Materialism


As of late, our society, as a whole, have been entangled by the rigorous grip of marketing, consumerism and materialism. Evidently we have it reversed, it’s no longer what you do that defines you but rather what you own. We are so easily swayed by marketing efforts that we feel an indescribable innate need to buy everything an influencer showcases or make certain acquisitions to uphold a certain image.

As I mainly utilize social media platforms to share menswear content, and could potentially be considered an influencer, I am very concerned with this largely growing phenomena. I have always advocated “buy less, use more” and “quality over quantity”. However, it is never my intention to have you belief that you will be happy, fulfilled or even mildly contented if you dress or look in a certain way. Those aspects are in synchrony with your subjective perspective of life and uniquely primed personality. Happiness, or self-fulfillment, can lead to dressing well but the opposite never does.

That is why I am always partially hesitant to answer “where did you get that x from?” questions. For me, it is never about advocating a brand or it’s image but rather the underlying structural integration of garment pairing and utility.

I am going to deviate a bit by saying that I aware of my recent generic mediocracy blog posts. This was never my intention when I wanted to launch DWNS. Those types of posts are generally less time consuming and, in certain circumstances, substantially easier to write. However, I am in the midst of writing several fashion topics that loosely pertains to materialism, social prejudices to tailoring or even clothing minimalism. I am still in process of finalizing these topics as they take a ridiculous amount of time to write, my head/ideas are still in misalignment and the conjunction of these topics must present considerable symmetry. But, considering the return from my trip and the holiday season (end of exams), I have the time to organize everything and hopefully launch new content by the start of 2017. Stay tuned.

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