Navy Donegal Turtleneck

Two days have past since I initiated M14. It’s been bearable so far and I have yet to feel the frustration of a rather restricting wardrobe. As I am still in the early stages of this project, I would like to change one of my chosen items.

I am going to change #7, Charcoal Turtleneck, to this:

Navy Donegal Turtleneck 


There is a plausible explanation for this change. You will notice that I initially selected two turtlenecks, olive and charcoal. I wanted to change the charcoal to this navy donegal to add more visual to the 14 items. There is certainly nothing flawed with plain/no pattern clothing, but I realize that this swap is more coherent with my style/image. Additionally, on the utility aspect, I primarily use the charcoal turtleneck to be paired with a suit, making it applicable for business casual meetings or for dressing down a suit.

Although I feel it’s an absolute necessity, not every guy owns a well tailored navy suit. In our current dress culture, you can get by with just a sport coat. This is why I chose a navy hopsack jacket as opposed to a navy worsted wool suit, factoring my decision to change the turtleneck. The charcoal is very dark and, when paired with the other 13 items, it over formalizes the ensemble.

The navy donegal was chosen instead as donegal is such a lovely (also one of my favourite) visual pattern and is consistent with the unintentional predominantly blue theme in the 14 items. Furthermore, the 14 items is more appropriate for a business casual or everyday wear setting, thus rendering the olive turtleneck to be sufficient, the navy donegal to be rather invigorating and the charcoal to be redundant. Besides, the gist of Minimalism is to remove the excess.

More reflections and outfit photos of M14 will be coming soon, stay tuned.

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