Sticking To Neutrals


In fashion, everyone talks about the “power” of neutral coloured garments, namely, it’s incredible versatility and ridiculously effortless pairing. This explains why a quintessential garment piece can rejuvenate your wardrobe and provide a numerous addition of looks or pairings.

The collage above further exemplifies both aspects and the ability to break up your suit into separates.

On the left: grey turtleneck, light brown suit jacket and grey flannel trousers. On the right: the same grey turtleneck, grey herringbone tweed jacket and light brown trousers, which is the same fabric as the jacket on the left.

Despite utilizing the same turtleneck, you will notice that both ensembles look completely different from each other. Of course, there are several variances to cite this difference, such as lapel width or shorter jacket length etc. But the premise of conveniently switching neutral colours around to create a new look is evident.

I know firsthand that we are often tempted to purchase that beautiful windowpane patterned blazer or the unique odd colour jacket. But I strongly urge you to resist the impulse and steer close to the procurement of neutral coloured garments. With absolute assurance, you will soon discover how much more convenient it is to get dressed and the limitless combinations neutrals may entail.

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