Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion & Instagram

DSC_1559I have a love/hate relationship with fashion and Instagram. Instagram has proven to provide great value for fashion, particularly the growth of new and existing occupations – influencers and bloggers respectively. What I hate about it, is the lack of creativity it instils and its focus on numbers.

Before the establishment of Dress With No Stress, an aspect my good friend, Andrew Tan, hinted for me to thoroughly consider was “my voice”. In other words, what do you hope to achieve and, more importantly, what are you trying to say with your writings.

These days, the creation of fashion blogs seem, more often than not, motivated by acquiring free stuff or living in a limelight reminiscent of their favourite influencer/blogger. They lack creativity, perspective and “voice”. It is one thing to be inspired, and another to imitate. Unfortunately, what this usually breeds is a website with great visual content but redundant writings. I believe a blog needs both to be successful, visual and written content, while placing a higher emphasis on the latter.

What you will also notice, with regards to the aforementioned blogs, is an unhealthy concentration on social capital – number of followers, as though such a numerical value reflects the quality of one’s content. However do not be mistaken, it is important, if not imperative, to use one’s best efforts to acquire social capital. But when it becomes the focal point it tarnishes the page’s authenticity and, subsequently, content.

Instead, a factor to monitor should be one’s engagements. The interactions between your readers/viewers/followers is crucial for developing rapport and, ultimately, a genuine (and somewhat transparent) relationship between both parties. This is why I always welcome any and all questions in pertinent to menswear, be it through email, commenting or Direct Messaging. Although admittedly I am not the promptest with replies, I promise that you will receive an answer to any relevant question(s) at my earliest convenience.

Additionally, please bare in mind that this is not an attack or “shots fired” at existing bloggers or influencers, but rather my mere observation upon the correlation of the two, namely fashion and Instagram. If you were offended, I sincerely apologize as it was never my intention nor the post’s purpose. If that is not sufficient, please feel free to send me a message and we can privately discuss it further.

To end and offset the inherent negativity to this post, here are two bloggers, both post-secondary students like myself, who are eloquent writers (more so than me at least) with a prominent voice in the vast landscape of classical menswear – Szymon Jeziorko and Mark Lai.

One thought on “Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion & Instagram

  1. Thanks for the mention Zane!

    Absolutely agreed regarding your point about blogs losing sight of the very purpose they were created for. When freebies become the purpose of a blogger’s editorial voice – rather than a nice but unsolicited perk – some reflection might be required.

    Keep up the great content, both visual and lexical! And killer Barbour in your latest post 😉


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