Benefits Of Wearing A Waistcoat



I briefly talked about the benefits of high rised trousers before. To reiterate, one of my favourite things about high rised trousers is the ability to balance one’s proportions when the jacket is unbuttoned and prevent the repulsive shirt triangle from disclosing when the jacket is buttoned. However, I am also aware that not everyone likes wearing their trousers like I do. After all, personal taste and comfort takes precedence in clothing.

But what if you don’t like high rise trousers, and have no intention of ever experimenting with it, but seek to achieve the benefits mentioned above? Well, it is possible and the answer: utilization of a waistcoat. As seen in this photo where the jacket is unbutton, the waistcoat creates a visually seamless horizontal line that balances the neck to toe flawlessly. This requires your waistcoat to be long enough to cover your trouser’s waistband. The only problem with a waistcoat is that its considered too formal by today’s bizarre standards. However, for your consideration, one in a seasonal cloth/pattern can subdue the formality of it.

Pictured here is a brown plaid Harris Tweed waistcoat and trousers that I acquired in the beginning stages of my menswear journey. The rest of the ensemble is composed of my staple categorical pieces that might struck you with familiarity: brown knitted silk/mohair tie, grey flannel shirt, navy hopsack blazer, charcoal herringbone topcoat and brown chelseas.



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