Neapolitan Jacketing


After acquiring one, I can finally comprehend the hype that is Eidos Napoli. The brand makes a true Neapolitan jacket that is accessible to the younger folks.

This beautiful gun club with a faint rust overcheck jacket is in Eidos’s most popular model, Ciro, that features:

  • Wider lapels
  • A fish mouth opening between the lapel and collar
  • Spalla Camicia (Pleated Shoulders)
  • Barchetta Chest Pocket
  • 3/2 Roll
  • Lowered button stance
  • Substantially open quarters
  • No Shoulder padding

This jacket is one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever put on. It feels more like a shirt, akin to a second skin, as opposed to a jacket. The fabric, a wool-cashmere blend, drapes ridiculously well and is light enough to be worn for three seasons, Fall, Winter and Spring.

The brown base hue makes it easy to pair with a variety of colours and garments. A few pairings in mind that I am particularly excited to attempt are grey flannel trousers, white shirt and a brown knitted tie, a cream turtleneck with brown corduroys, or something as simple as jeans with an oxford shirt. Unfortunately, such experimenting would have to wait till the temperatures drop again. Well, here’s to looking forward to the colder months.

Thanks for reading, cheers.

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