SuitSupply’s New Womens Wear Line Is Simply Amazing

SuitSupply just released launched their women’s wear line, SuiStudio, and it is… PHENOMENAL!

Of course, this is from the perspective of a male but I geniunely like their collection. What initially comes to mind, at least from the catalogue photos, are softly tailored garments in neutral colours, interesting textures and a pronounced silhouette.

The suit model that particularly caught my attention was the Cameron Double Breasted. It is rather aggressive with it’s detailing, wide lapels and brass buttons, but it’s sharp taper allows the suit to exude a sense of femininity without appearing like a “boyfriend” suit. From my understanding/experience, it is rather challenging to find the optimal balance on a double breasted jacket to accommodate a female’s chest. But, the suits seem to drape extremely well on the female models, especially around the chest.






Their Palermo model, whose jacket is characterized by it’s wide peak lapels and single breasted closure, is also just as flattering. Additionally, you have the potentiality of purchasing the matching “Shorts” version, perfect for more casual work settings, or the “Skirt” iteration to retain it’s formality.



SuiStudio also offers outerwear, which are very minimalistic in design, and evening wear. The latter is styled incredibly sensual with garments such as a low cut cleavage revealing top. I think such a pairing is very sexy/attractive and does not appear too provocative.



Like their menswear line, they use fabrics from recognizable mills (Ferla, VBC, Solbiati etc.) but their products are still Made in China. If it’s any consolation, SuitSupply’s prices are still worth every penny and I do not expect any inferior manufacturing with SuiStudio.

Unfortunately, e-commerce is currently only available in Europe and the US. However, with SuitSupply’s accelerated global growth, I wouldn’t be surprise to see a worldwide e-commerce open within the next few months.

Thanks for reading, cheers.

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