Palewave Look

Last Summer, I read an article from one of my favourite menswear blogs titled A Tailored Version of Palewave. To summarize, Palewave describes the low contrast in an outfit that is prominent in Streetwear. The author writes about Palewave being present in tailoring and exemplifies it further with visual images.

A convenient method of tailoring pairing derives from creating a stark contrast, dark colours on the top and light on the bottom or vice versa. Achieving a complete palewave look is particularly challenging for lighter skin tones as it has a tendency of washing you out. Taking a strong interest of implementing a Palewave look, I found that creating a slight contrast with shoes is very helpful. If a tan or lighter shade of footwear was used, the entirety would look too discombobulated and resemble a costume.

DSC_5549 copy

Additionally, one of the most effective ‘factors’ about a Palewave look is the ability to successfully wear a bolder jacket. If we were to use the original pairing premise of a high contrast, the jacket would appear too prominent and, arguably, excessive. What the low contrast aids here is blending the jacket subtlety with similar shades to make the ensemble appear more wholesome.

DSC_5522 copy

An evident grey theme is present, with a grey houndstooth wool-linen trouser and bold light grey windowpane jacket. A Palewave look can take some time to experiment with,  but what better season to do so than Summer.

Thanks for reading, cheers.


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