Packing Light On Tailoring

I went back to Singapore for the Summer and decided to pack extremely light, particularly on the tailoring aspect. So light that I only brought three tailored jackets:

  • Tobacco Linen-Wool linen Suit (For Day 1 of my brother’s wedding)
  • Blue Windowpane Linen-Wool Jacket (To add a little statement if necessary)
  • Navy Double Breasted Hopsack Jacket (To be mainly worn casually over linen T-Shirts, scoop neck shirts and denim)



My style revolves heavily around tailored garments but I learnt my lesson last Summer, that it’s nearly impossible to stay casually tailored everyday. Hence, only three jackets were brought.

I did, however, bring a lot of high rise trousers. To combat the barely bearable tropical humidity, I tend to wear my dress trousers with velvet slippers and slightly oversized T-Shirts tucked in or linen trousers with band collar shirts. Such a combination, is, in my opinion, a great way to stay tailored in the heat.

Thanks for reading, cheers.

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