Interesting Legwear

The other day I was casually browsing Instagram, when I came across a promoted post by Olive. The photo was striking, it was a headless model wearing an oversized white t-shirt tucked into a looser fitting double pleated grey trousers.


I was particularly intrigued by the high waisted fit and shallow reverse double pleats that meets the trouser crease. Often, fast fashion retailers make double pleated trousers that does not align with the trouser’s natural crease – which immensely annoys me.

Founded in UK 2010, they are a relatively new entrant to the apparel industry. After taking the liberty of browsing their collection online, it appears that they specialize in streetwear with an emphasis on high end fashion silhouettes. Their entire line is inherently casual and, although the silhouette differs entirely from my preferred style, there are certain pieces I could envision myself wearing, for example this beige belted cotton parka and chore jacket with a white contrast stitching.

But, personally, their leg wear section is the true gem of their assortment. They have a variety of styles at an affordable price range. I also think that some of these garments have the potentiality to blend well with tailored wear. Some of my personal favourites are Ivory Drawstring Trousers, that will look great with just a navy T-Shirt or light blue button down, and Single Pleated Light Grey Trouser, which is a great wardrobe addition as it acts similarly to a grey flannel trouser.

Nevertheless, before purchasing, I will be mindful of their silhouette, as they are quite trendy, and its composition. I cannot speak at length about their quality as I do not own a piece of Olive clothing. But, be aware that some of their garments are made in a polyester blend, making it less ideal for sustainability. I do believe that this brand is positioned at a higher tier fast fashion audience, much like Oak and Fort. Still, don’t let that deter you as it’s a great way to experiment with different silhouettes and unique garments.

Below are more photos from their leg wear section.

Thanks for reading, cheers.









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