Zane has been interested in menswear ever since getting his first custom made suit. Being a suit aficionado, Zane often expressed his perspective on menswear. Tired of hearing Zane’s persistent outlook on mens fashion, his friends suggested to launch Dress With No Stress.

It is important to have a versatile wardrobe to fit any occasion. Zane often breaks the distinction between formal and casual styles by incorporating both elements. You can spot Zane wearing anything from tailored trousers with a denim jacket, casual chinos with a vintage sportcoat, or a classic three piece suit.

Profile Zane

Zhong ‘Zane’ Lim
Born and bred in Singapore, Zane is currently studying at Ryerson University. He started Dress With No Stress as an outlet to express his profound love for menswear. He’s often categorized as the nice guy and known for his sarcasm. During his downtime, you can spot him fascinating over his clothes, laughing, reading, seeking for true love and playing video games.


Tomo was born and raised in Singapore to Japanese parents. He holds a BA in economics and cinema studies from the University of Toronto, and currently works as a project manager at a design studio in downtown Toronto. Tomo’s (basic) competence in digital photography has brought him aboard DWNS.


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