How To Wear A Grey Suit Jacket

The foundation of any men’s wardrobe should consist of a navy and grey workhorse suit. The best thing about said suits is the ability to break them up into separates and create multiple combinations. However, navy suit jackets are a lot easier to wear separately compared to it’s grey counterpart. This ties in with a reader message I received recently, asking what to wear his grey suit jacket with as he found it difficult pairing it with other trousers.

If the grey is worsted or possesses a prominent sheen, I will exclusively wear it with it’s matching trousers. However I am also aware that not many of us possess a vast wardrobe and have to work with what we currently have. The evident problem with wearing grey suit jackets separately is that it often appears like you are wearing an orphan jacket – a jacket that was clearly meant to be worn with matching trousers. To avoid that, ensure that your grey suit already has blue-ish hues. What this implies is that the fabric should look a little blue under strong lightning and noticeable grey indoors. As you scroll down, the photos will further exemplify this.

When it comes to pairing any odd jacket, an option to always consider is textured grey trousers, like flannel, hopsack or wool, as they go with nearly everything. But they can often be a little repetitive and difficult to find, particularly grey hopsack. So to answer the reader’s question and to implement some creativity, here are three trouser combinations to effectively style your grey suit jacket without making it appear like you spilled Latte all over your matching trousers.

Cream Trousers


Cream trousers go well with almost anything and is often overlooked as a viable choice. I feel that most men are afraid of it as it’s too light in colour and may appear too outlandish. But in actuality, it’s incredibly easy to pair. It creates a strong enough contrast with most jackets, especially darker ones, making it the cornerstone for every man’s trouser wardrobe.

DSC_3074 copy

This blue-ish grey jacket has a 3 roll 2 and spalla camicia (pleated shoulders), features that I include in most of my recent commissions. A pleated shoulder adds additional mobility and makes it feel more like a shirt than a jacket. This jacket, from a distance, looks grey, however, closer photos reveals its blue-ish tone that makes it easier to pair with separates.

DSC_3086 copy

A denim band collar shirt can also be used to dress down the jacket. However, if you were to approach the pairing of a grey jacket and cream trousers with more formality, I would instead opt for a light blue shirt and tie.


Unusual Suspect: Denim Trousers


These trousers are one of my wardrobe favourites because they are not as casual as denim nor are they too formal. They tread in-between the lines of formality, which is very similar to my philosophy of remaining casually tailored.

DSC_3001 copy

Even though this suit jacket is a little sheeny, the texture of the trousers blends nicely with the jacket, making it appear less like a dreaded orphan jacket. Texture is key gents.

DSC_3019 copy

The navy bengal stripe shirt adds a pleasing subtle interest in the ensemble. However, to avoid overpowering it, a simple (and essential) navy knitted tie was used to, literally, tie everything together.

DSC_3026 copy

Or Just Denim Jeans

DSC_3148 copy

Denim trousers are quite a rarity and are mostly only accessible through bespoke or made to measure offerings. However, an alternative to consider are your good old jeans. With that said, I would be cautious with this pairing and completely avoid it if your suit jacket is completely grey or exceedingly sheeny.

DSC_3221 copy

The blue-ish hues from this jacket really comes into play here by exhibiting a tonal blue shade that can be quite appealing when done appropriately. Notice here that a white shirt, blue dotted tie and blue pocket square was used. Again, attributing to the blue that is uniformly present in the ensemble.

DSC_3177 copy

Monk straps are an ideal choice to pair with jeans. They are casual enough and you wouldn’t run into the problem of experiencing a large formality disparity, like an oxford shoe usually does.

DSC_3189 copy

Again, always remember though, a suit jacket looks the best with it’s matching trousers. And if none of these looks interest you enough, you can always fall back on a pair of grey hopsack (Summer) or flannel (Winter) trousers.

Thanks for reading, cheers.


Olive Linen Suit: 3 Ways

Remember when I mentioned tips for the off colour suit?

Here’s an example of how an olive (loud colour darker spectrum) linen (seasonal fabric) suit with a double breasted (as recommended) jacket can be worn in three different ways. This post hopefully reveals how to fully extend the usage of an off colour suit.

Full Suit w/ Sneakers

I am not a particularly a fan of the suit and sneakers look. But sneakers does come in handy if an individual is seeking footwear comfortability or a casual-esque vibe. The sneaker + suit combination also helps to apply contemporary measures to your suit.



In order for this to work your sneaker needs to have a slim silhouette, one that resembles closely to a dress shoe, and your trousers to be a little bit cropped to create that streamline silhouette. I am wearing a pair of (also) olive New Balance 620 sneakers, but Stan Smiths or the holy grail Common Projects would work perfectly.



White Trousers

Nothing spells Sprezzatura as clear as a pair of white trousers. Although a little vibrant and, sometimes, audacious the white trouser is incredibly easy to pair with off colour jackets.


The white acts as the perfect neutralizer, anchoring the jacket’s colour tone. For me I love wearing white trousers in the summer and cream in the winter. I find it quite effortlessly to match. But, with that said, such coloured trousers requires a certain level of confidence that often comes with the slow evolution of one’s style.



If you are wearing a pair of white trousers with your off colour jacket, be sure to keep the shirt a neutral colour – white or light blue (light blue in this case). Usually a light blue shirt will appear a tiny bit less formal as opposed to the white.


Practical Casual

The last one is all about comfortability and neutrals. I am wearing a pair of dark grey trousers and a navy polo shirt that almost every guy possesses. This is easy to wear, if it gets hot – remove the jacket and there would still the sense of tailoring in you. If not, button the jacket and retains its intended use of the jacket.



3 ways to wear your off colour suit. Again this is not a post to get you to buy one. But if you already have one in your wardrobe and scratching your head as to how you can utilize it more, then hopefully these looks served as some sort of inspiration.